About Us

Our Story

In the Year 2018, we started with the simple vision of personifying the brand’s character into something relatable that can be widely accepted amongst the community or audience. We understood the dearth of good mascot makers and how this creative segment of weaving dream costumes lacked the much-needed disruption.

We are growing by leaps and bounds. We remember the day much like the back of our hands, and our journey like the path often trod. Equipped with creativity and the weapon of unique ideation, we started by creating timeless designs that were bespoke and would be remembered as the personified versions of the brands we associated with.



Simplicity is bliss. And what makes it even more appealing is the ease by which it can be narrated. From day one of the inceptions of The Mascot Makers, our aim was to transfer the simplicity of our thoughts in designs that we created.

Although the journey to spectacular designs bemusing costumes was not always easy, we knew what we wanted from the very start. That was to stand true to our guiding principle of offering uncompromised quality and unforgettable designs that reflected the source of your brand’s underpinning.

Our Working

Mascots are the embodiment of your company’s logo. The distance between a successful branding and a lost name can be easily covered through this manifested version of your company’s identity. Hence, taking a risky chance when it comes to their execution, falls nowhere on our to-do list.

The detailed procedure of creating mascots for your brand starts from way before you decide to join us. Our underlying plan of action includes understanding your requisites, mapping your competitor’s and analysing your audience to design your brand’s personality.  It is our unkempt attention to detail that in the short time of our being, we have come to be appreciated widely by different sectors across the industry.

Our team works with you from the time of on-boarding while providing you continuous support on the basis of different parameters that you need our help on. We take an end-to-end approach. This implies that our task does not just end after delivering you the mascots. We also cater to your needs of grand unveiling, managing your presence across different events and community management for your mascots.


Our Team

Friction of imagination, explosion of ideas

The Mascot Makers is made by a team of highly driven individuals who know how to blend in creatively and innovation to create bespoke excellence. On a regular day at work, you can hear the eruption of random discussions from different corners of the office. What is amazing to note is that we bask in this creative disruption, and we amalgamate it in our working to create something unique every time.

Our team knows of the immense responsibility that they carry on their shoulder and with each project they translate this responsibility into a noteworthy recollection of a rand persona that is bound to imprint your memory.